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Hair Weaves, Corn Rows, and Braiding in Waukegan

Lovina’s African Hair Braiding offers a number of services to create the look you want at a great price.

Lovina's Braids Makeup Services

Make Up

Have a special event coming up? Ready for a makeover? Lovina’s African Hair Braiding offers makeup application to create any look from natural to bold. Our high end products and expert application ensures stunning makeup that will stay in place until your remove it. We can apply as much or as little makeup as you choose, including facial primer, foundation, concealer, bronzer, blush, and highlighter, along with eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, and any type of lip product from a balm to lipstick. We have several colors and formulas to choose from to fit your style, the event, and your skin type.

Eye Lashes

From subtle lash extensions to dramatic full sets of synthetic lashes, we offer eyelash applications with hair braiding or as a separate service. Our lash glues are made with natural ingredients and are easy to remove while staying in place while you wear the lashes.


Lovina’s African Hair Braiding in Waukegan also offers haircuts for men, women, and kids. Whether you need a quick trim or looking for a completely new look, our professional stylists will work with you to create a cut you’ll love. We also offer sew-in cut and styles. We have style books to look through or you can simply discuss what you’re looking for with our staff and we’ll make it happen.

Hair Relaxing

For clients with naturally curly or wavy hair, Lovina’s African Hair Braiding offers hair relaxing to smoothen and straighten hair. Relaxers involve a chemical process to keep the hair straight for an extended period of time. This service is ideal for those who desire straight hair and don’t want to take the time to straighten it every day.


We offer several types of hair braiding designs suited for all ages, hair textures, and lengths.

27 piece-This is a type of short weave-in hairstyle that can be styled to create a formal, defined, or soft textured look.

Micro-Braids-Micro braids tiny braids done on all or sections of your hair that can be created on virtually any length. They can be curled, twisted, or straight.


Kinky Twist & Braids-We can also create twists and braids to make straight hair look more curly or wavy. This style can be customized for each customer’s hair length and preferences.

Kinky Twist

Corn Rows-Corn rows are braids created from the hairline back toward the crown and down the length of the hair, with straight, defined parts between each braid.

Dreadlocks and Extensions-We can also create dreadlocks, which involves teasing the hair into large twists that can be braided or unbraided. Products are used to keep each section of hair together while creating a textured look. We can add dreadlock extensions to any hair length and style.

Design Braids For Men-Lovina’s African Hair Braiding also creates men’s design braids which can be customized for each individual client. Curved brands, zig-zag designs, straight corn rows, and coiled braids are just a few of the many options.

Senegalese Flat-This style can also be modified for to create a client’s desired look and creates flat rows of braids with a twist on the side, top, or back of the hair.

Yarn Twist-Our stylists can also twist colored yarn into any braided hair style to create bold, fun style while holding the braids in place longer.

Yarn Twist

Lacing-Lacing is a type of braiding that weaves hair together to create a desired pattern or effect. This can be done with any hair texture, style, and length.

Havana Marley Twist-This elegant hairstyle is created with thick sections that are twisted towards the base of the scalp and those large sections are held together with a twisted section wrapped around the other twists.

Havana Marley Twist

Invisible & Tree Braids-Invisible braids are created when the roots of hair are braided in small sections just long enough to create separate pieces and the end of the braid fades into straight smooth ends. Tree braids are created when the entire crown of the hair is braided in rows to hold the rest of the hair in a fanned out or tree shape through to the ends.

Crochet-Lovina’s African Hair Braiding created crochet braids, which are braids in which each weave of the braid is pulled into a soft loop to create the look of crocheted yarn. It adds volume to hair and works with any hair length.

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