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Waukegan Hair Braiding

Lovina’s African Hair Braiding in Waukegan has natural products for purchase and our stylists also use them in our hair styling services.

Hair Products

Shea Butter

We use products that contain shea butter, including serums, oils, moisturizing treatments, and balms. Shea butter moisturizes each strand to maintain a healthy scalp and create smooth, shiny hair from roots to ends.

All Natural Coconut Oil

Our Waukegan hair salon also used all natural coconut oil. On its own, it moisturizing hair while holding it in place and soothes a dry scalp. It can also be used with and in many hair products to boost their effects. As a bonus, it smells great, too.

Hair Extensions

When you want to add length to your hair, we have all natural hair extensions, including Brazilian and Indian Remy. These are made and applied with gentle, chemical free products to protect your natural hair and avoid skin irritation.

All Natural Black Soap

Lovina’s African Hair Braiding also used all natural black soap, a bar soap made with plants and barks including plantain, cocoa pods, palm tree leaves, and shea tree bark. Various oils are also added, including palm and coconut oil. This soap is used to gently wash the scalp to remove any product buildup, dirt, or excess oil.

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